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miniEcho is the real-time translated open caption service platform for live streamers

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Only 5.52% of the world speak English

Let us help you reach the other 94.48%


No downloads required.

It only takes a few minutes to set up, then you can forget about it.


You are no longer bound by language barriers.

Reach hundreds of thousands of more viewers from all around the globe.


We currently support English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

If you need support for other languages, contact us.

miniEcho Magic

Introducing EchoBox

Stream without EchoBox

Stream with EchoBox

Real-time translated caption service is provided by Captionists who have been screened by miniEcho.

3 reasons to Echo your Stream

EchoBox attracts both foreign and local viewership

Viewers call for more viewers.

Most streaming platforms order live streams by most viewers to least, so attracting foreign viewership will put your stream above the others. And of course, viewers who speak your language will be able to find you more easily.

EchoBox makes your stream richer

miniEcho's Captionists are free souls.

Instead of cold, machine-like translations, miniEcho encourages translations that smell like human. miniEcho's Captionists are able to deliver more than just Streamer's messages; they deliver the feelings.

EchoBox enables true two-way interaction

There were ways to read chats sent in foreign language. - Guide to auto-translating foreign chats

But to deliver your message, you had to either learn their language or use machine translation tool. We aim to back to the basics; interacting with your viewers, all without language barrier.

EchoBox Setup Guides

XSplit Broadcaster   OBS Studio   Streamlabs OBS

Echo Points (EP)

You can enjoy all the above with EP


3,600 EP

90,000 EP

180,000 EP

360,000 EP



+3% Bonus

+5% Bonus

USD 11
USD 200
USD 400
USD 800

Total 1 hour of Echo'd Session

Total 25 hours of Echo'd Session

Total 50 + 1.5 hours of Echo'd Session

Total 100 + 5 hours of Echo'd Session

Work with pre-screened Captionists

Work with pre-screened Captionists

Work with pre-screened Captionists

Work with pre-screened Captionists

Priority Support

Priority Support

Priority Support

Priority Support

* Translation quality differs for every Captionists. miniEcho encourages Captionists to convey actual meanings of phrases; because of this, there may be translations that seem inaccurate when read literally.

** Priority Support status is permanent and all of the prioritized tickets in Support will be marked for our staff to prioritize over other tickets.

*** Refund Policy

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